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Washing Machine Buyers Guide

Are you interested in buying a new washing machine? Washing machines represent a large part of your electricity fee, so it's a good idea to take care when selecting one. To make the best purchase, use our washing machine buyer's guide. We can help you sort out the many machines available! We also have a buyer's guide for many other products such as tumble dryers, range cookers and fridge freezers. Our buyers guide has these things to bear in mind when comparing washing machines.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide, Point 1

Many modern washers will have a decal with information on the cost of ownership for a year. This includes, for example, information on how much energy is used by the machine under normal conditions. These figures will vary by your location and how much you use the machine, but they should give you a good idea what to expect on average. When considering the price of a washer, always consider the total cost of running it throughout the year to select the right deal for you.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide, Point 2

Some washers will offer only cold or only hot water during certain points in the cleaning cycle. Some people find this inconvenient, since they may have clothing that depends upon certain temperature settings to get properly cleaned. However, don't forget that a large part of the total cost of running your washer comes from the cost of heating the water for intensive spin cycles. Many people have found they can switch to "cold water only" washers or those that have cold water settings -- saving more money.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide, Point 3

Washers are inexpensive to service, but expensive to repair if they are allowed to break down in the first place. When comparing prices on a washer, consider the cost of maintenance. Maintenance can be made less expensive if there is a service agreement included in the original purchase. On the other hand, this can also be a scam. Beware of overpriced service agreements! Pop down to the local hardware story or handyman to see if the brand you're considering is one that's serviced regularly. Occasional maintenance may be less expensive than a service plan.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide, Point 4

When buying a washing machine, think about the features you need. Fancy electronics may raise the price of an otherwise very ordinary washer by hundreds of pounds. To find a similar model that is less expensive -- without the extras -- you may need to look for one that is slightly older. Also think about the size of the washer as compared to your space. If there is a possibility you will be moving in the future, it may be wise to invest in a somewhat smaller washer even though this might require extra loads.

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