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TV Buyers Guide: Which one to choose.

A TV Buyers Guide

TFTP64 for Windows

This TV Buyers Guide has been written to help you in making the right choice when looking for a new TV, as there are so many different sizes, makes and models and even different technologies used in TV's these days, how can you know which one is really the right one for you? Well thats where our TV Buyers Guide comes in handy :)

The right choice

When buying a TV, making the right choice can be a difficult task, it largely depends on what type of room you are buying your TV for, splashing out £900 pound on a 42 inch TV for a small bedroom is not a very wise choice, same goes for buying a small 22 inch TV for a large living room, it's no good having a really high spec expensive TV if the screen is so small that it can't be seen. If you are buying a TV for your living room and have a big family that usually get together to watch the TV, then you might want to invest in a screen size of 42 inch or above. Once you have made the decision of what size TV to buy there is then the decision of whether you want a LCD, Plasma or LED TV. What you choose largely depends on what you will be mostly using the TV for, if you only really watch TV and don't play video games or intend on linking your PC up to your TV  then the best choice would be a Plasma TV with a high refresh rate (600hz or more). The higher the refresh rate the better the TV will show fast moving images and therefore result in less blur, Plasma TVs are also very good at displaying dark colours and blacks, therefore are brilliant if you tend to watch your TV with the lights off. If you intend on using your TV for mostly Video Gaming and don't watch much TV then the best choice would be to get an LCD (or an LED if you can afford it). These TVs are brilliant at displaying bright vibrant colors and a higher refresh rate will also help improve motion blur with fast games like Burnout Revenge and other racing games (for tips on saving money on video games click here). It is not currently possible to get an LCD TV with a refresh rate as high as a plasma TV, however games consoles and PC's aren't generally capable of running at these refresh rates so it does'nt really matter too much. So to conclude this TV Buyers Guide -:

  • Don't buy a big TV for a small room
  • Try to go for 42 inch or higher if you are buying for a big room and have a big family that usually get together to watch TV.
  • If you watch mostly TV and don't play many video games then aim for a Good Plasma TV.
  • If you mainly Play Video games or intend on linking your PC up to your TV then get a LCD (or LED if your budget permits).

Well I hope our TV Buyers Guide has helped demistify some things and helped you in making your decision. Don't forget to use Floogit to compare prices on whatever TV you choose to make sure you don't spend more than necessary.

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