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Tumble Dryers Buyers Guide

With the limited space in most flats, tumble dryers are a vital part of your laundry room. Here on Floogit, you can find the most convenient comparison of tumble dryers anywhere. Review our buyers guide below to learn the key points of choosing tumble dryers, we also have buyers guides for other essential appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and fridge freezers.

Tumble Dryers Buyers Guide, Point 1

One of the most important things to bear in mind when buying a dryer is that not every one is right for all kinds of clothes. If you have a great deal of very delicate clothing items, be sure that you get a dryer that provides a special setting for these on its drying cycle. Otherwise, you might find that your brand new dryer destroys some of your clothes, which can be truly awful if it happens to something irreplaceable! Many new dryers have such settings, thanks to customer input to the manufacturers.

Tumble Dryers Buyers Guide, Point 2

Dryers work more efficiently when they are cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your dryer reduces the likelihood that items will be torn or damaged during the drying cycle. It also reduces lint on clothing and can keep your dryer from consuming too much energy -- due to keeping its surfaces unclogged by that lint. When comparing dryers, consider how easy or difficult it will be to give it an occasional cleaning based on its shape and size. You might also note whether a local shop specializes in maintenance for the brand you're looking at.

Tumble Dryers Buyers Guide, Point 3

Here is a point that many a buyer's guide has missed: To maximize your convenience, your washer and dryer should have a similar capacity. Nothing is more frustrating than having a full load of wet laundry and having to divide it into two loads so that it will fit into your dryer! Although washers and dryers very often come in a set, there is nothing saying they must be bought together -- you can often save money by buying each separately. But make sure they are compatible with each other and with your workload!

Tumble Dryers Buyers Guide, Point 4

Know the difference between a vented and condenser dryer. If you have the opportunity to connect a hose to your dryer that will lead outside, such as through a window, you can use a vented dryer. This will lift the hot air out of your dryer and take it outside, usually resulting in faster drying times. A condenser dryer condenses the steam from your dryer into a tank. The tank requires occasional emptying, but you can place the dryer anywhere since it will not need to be vented to the outside. The choice is yours.

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