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Range Cookers Buyers Guide

With there huge size and large amount of space and features, Range Cookers are amazing for much more than just Christmas dinners, there is simply no better place to cook your family feasts and Sunday Roasts. When there are challenges in the kitchen, most of the effort would usually be centered around preparing the meal, however this is not the case if your in possession of one of these Range Cookers, with there ability to get all the timings down to such precision you can focus on other challenges. The first question you need to ask yourself before you decide on what Range Cooker to buy, or even whether it is worth buying one of the Range Cookers to begin with, is "What kind of meals can I cook?" and "What kind of cooking will I be doing?" and "do I have all the important kitchen utensils first?" . If your the kind of cook that likes to experiment and try different things then you may well be better off with 3 smaller overs as opposed to a range cookers. However you would be much better off getting one of the range cookers if you usually cook a Sunday roast and have a large family to feed. The next question you need to ask is what sort of space do I have? Typically a 90-120cm such as a SMEG SUK91C5MX is what most people will have room for, however for those with very limited space there is the smaller 60cm sized "mini-ranges". If your looking for some tips on how to save money when shopping for a range cooker then check out this article.

What type of oven?

The main things most people generally look for in range cookers is there ability to disperse heat evenly around the oven and how long it takes to heat up, typically the gas cooker is ideal for both of these traits when compared to it's electric counter-part, these aren't the only reasons to prefer gas over electric, gas is noticeably cheaper to run than electric, taking all of this into account the electric oven does have it's perks, since electric is so diverse depending on the Range cookers model, you can be privileged with multiple functions for example heating the top or bottom parts individually to allow unique cooking styles but the gas oven offers moisture an ideal commodity when baking or cooking roasts.

What type of hob?

Range Cookers with the best control, safety and speed will come with an Electric induction hob, the surface of the hob will only get hot when there is a pan in place, therefore reducing the risk of accidents, they are also much easier to clean than gas hobs. However you will get a good burner if you decide to go with gas, gas are by far the cheapest and most energy efficient in comparison to electric.

Range Cookers, Buyer's Checklist

Width of Range Cooker

Make sure you measure how much space you have for a cooker before buying it, don't forget to take into account at least 3 inches on either side for ventilation. Some range cookers can be as big as 150cm however the average Range Cookers are between 90cm and 120cm wide. If you are lacking in space there is always the option of one of the smaller 60cm mini Range Cookers, these tend to fit in standard sized cooker spaces.

Range Cookers Oven size

One of the most important things to take into account is whether your new Range Cooker will fit your favorite Baking tray and all your other trays/ tins. A good idea is to measure them and see check the dimensions on any retailers website before making your purchase.

Energy Efficiency

When buying an electric cooker, their energy efficiency is measured by rating, a rating of A+++ is the most efficient, it is very uncommon to find Range Cookers with an oven with rating above A. Rangemaster Cookers such as the Rangemaster Elan 110 are typically rated A. Gas cookers however are not rated, but they are generally a lot cheaper to run than electric.

Oven Liners

If your oven comes with a catalytic liner, you can set the ovens temperature to 500C and this will cause it to clean, cooking spills will be turned into ash.

Door Glass

If a Range Cookers noise bothers you, or you have children that are likely to touch the oven door when the Range Cookers Oven is switched on, you might be better looking into getting triple or quadruple glazed windows on your oven door, this will keep the outside layer cooler, which will reduce the risk of burnt fingers. The more layers you have the less noise the oven will emit.


An FSD stands for Flame Safety Device, which will cut off the gas supply on a the hob of gas range cookers if the flame were to go out, this is another good thing to check for if you have children in the house. A flame safety Device (FSD) cuts off the gas supply if the flame on a gas hob goes out.

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