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Store Requirements
To have you store listed on Floogit, first it must meet the suitable requirements :
    Language must be English
    Prices shown is GBP
    Products are relative to our Category structure
    Able to recieve orders on website or email
    Obey rules and regulations associated to its business
Product Feed
To insure all products are up-to-date Floogit requires a product feed for all retailers, we will recover this feed regularly to guarantee we have constant updated information regarding your products.
Product feeds should be a .csv, or .xml file stored on your server, however if you are listed on other price comparision websites we could use the same feed.
Please insure each product has:
    A Category
    Product Name
    Product ID
    Brand Name
    Manufacturers part number
    European Article Number (EAN)
    Image URL  (not mandatory)
Being a Paying Retailer
Signing up as a paying retailer will give the customer a better insight in which shop they are more likely to trust. Here is an example of a paying retailer vs free retailers. As you see not only do we include your professional looking image and the availabilty of the product, but overall make the shop more inviting.
This retailers only pay once someone clicks on their product, these price will vary on which category the product falls under. See Prices for more details
Being a FREE Retailer
Here on Floogit we what to show customers that they will get the cheapest price, this means we need every shop who sell products under our category structure. Being a free retailer will however limit some features given to you on the site such as, showing company logo, analytlics or product availabilty.
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