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Expert Price Comparison From Floogit.

Floogit is one of the UK's top price comparison websites, we actively monitor prices and offers from millions of products and hundreds of retailers accross the country in order to provide you with up to date accurate pricing information, an easy to read breakdown of expert reviews, specifications and product availability that will help you in making your next purchasing decison.

Compare more than just retailers.

We believe that in order to show our visitors a wider range of options and better image of product availability, then we need to look outside the box. Most price comparison portals will only show you deals and offers from estabilished retailers. Without giving any information as to what individuals and private sellers may be willing to offer. By allowing our visitors to join and list their unwanted items for no charge, we can offer you a truely cheaper price than the competition.

Unbiased Price Comparison.

Price comparison engines have recently become under fire from the press as being biased, with many only showing prices and offers from sponsored retailers. Most price comparison websites make their money through commision on sales, meaning that they will only show retailers that have agreed to pay. Floogit shows prices of both sponsored and paid retailers and we don't change our results to favour sponsored retailers. Meaning that whether we make money or not, your guarunteed to always get the cheapest price.

Selling on Floogit is Free

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a truely cheaper price than the competition, and we've gone to great lengths to make that a possibility. allowing users to create an account and list their products for free, this allows those listed products to be merged with our price comparison engine, there is no listing fees, or fees when you sell, meaning private sellers have no reason to not sell with us.

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